We discussed tips for managing, moving and maintaining Joomla websites and Projects. Including dealing with Live, Local and Development servers, as well as setting Local server environments, Using Akeeba Backup and Managing Multiple projects and clients in cPanel and WHM.

Denver JUG July Meetup : Project Management

Joomla comes with it's own set of tools and challenges when it comes to management and maintenance. A single Joomla installation has a number of pieces and parts to deal with. Running multiple installations for clients and businesses makes things even more complicated. No matter the scenario, website management is always important, problems can be frustrating and time consuming, not to mention costly.

Having an understanding of how Joomla works and how it can be set up in different scenarios can be helpful. Using a system to set up sites and projects can help us avoid common problems, and troubleshoot any problems that might come up.


  • Tools and techniques for managing any number of Joomla projects, big or small.
  • The pieces of a Joomla installation, how they work together, and how they work with a server or hosting account
  • Using Akeeba Backup and Kickstart to backup and restore Joomla installations and move installations between servers.
  • Using Akeeba Backup to maintain a reusable Joomla configuration
  • Troubleshooting server and database issues
  • Server setups - Live, Local, Development / Staging
  • Setting up projects in secure and private areas
  • Managing multiple client accounts and projects
  • Other tools and tips that make life easier for Joomla users
  • Questions, comments and feedback

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