Earlier this year we did a short demonstration of Seblod, a CCK extension for Joomla. This month we'll dig in and and demonstrate the powerful features that Seblod offers and how they can be used in real life and in your projects.

Seblod is a free CCK (content creation kit) extension for Joomla that extends the core capabilities of Joomla Articles, Categories and User Profiles. This can be used to create custom fields and forms, but also custom layouts, content types and lists with full search capabilities. This can be used in a variety of ways, from extending the Article fields and User profiles, all the way to building fully customizable applications within Joomla.

A powerful feature of Seblod is that it can be used to create user-friendly content entry interfaces, in both the front and backend of Joomla. The basic features of Seblod are easy to use, but it’s advanced features can handle many situations that are very difficult to accomplish in Joomla otherwise. And it can be done without writing any code at all.

Big thanks to Seblod for providing a promo code to our user group for this presentation.

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