June 2014 Meeting

JUG June 2014 Meeting
Working with Joomla! templates

Presented by Cliff Pfeifer

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Joomla! is often renowned by developers and website owners for it’s powerful backend controls and content management features, but it’s template system is equally powerful and flexible. What visitors see (design, aesthetics, layouts, visual effects and structural elements) when they come to your Joomla! website is very important and it’s largely determined by the template.

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May 2014 Meeting

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Presentation by Bruce Decker : Teaching Joomla New Tricks with Fabrik

Topic Overview: Bruce Decker will demonstrate a rich Fabrik application and then he'll walk the group through the steps to create a simple Fabrik app. Fabrik is a free, open source business application development environment for Joomla. The new Joomla Extensions Directory will be based in Fabrik. Fabrik allows you to create powerful and beautiful web applications. Most applications can be created without knowledge of PHP, HTML or Javascript using Fabrik's built-in tools. With Fabrik, Joomla can extend far beyond traditional CMS capabilities allowing you to address the unique requirements of nearly any business.

  • Target Audience:
  • Joomla web designers wishing to understand how to develop custom business applications without coding
  • Joomla developers looking to go beyond the capabilities of Joomla forms packages like Breezing Forms or RS Forms
  • Joomla users interested in understanding the capabilities of Joomla beyond the commonly known CMS features
  • coders interested in understanding how to apply their PHP programming skills within the Joomla framework
  • anyone wanting to gain a better understand of full power of Joomla

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